Salmon in the Classroom
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Salmon Migration

Migration routes of salmon from the United Kingdom
Migration routes of salmon from the United Kingdom

Salmon FactFACT: Salmon remember the smell of their 'home' stream - even after 4 years feeding at sea.

We have learned already that salmon eggs are laid in our rivers where salmon fry and parr live until they smolt and head out to sea to feed. When the smolts leave our rivers they tend to head off together in shoals to feeding grounds far away.

The salmon smolts from Scottish rivers head north to colder sub arctic waters where there are rich feeding grounds.

Salmon FactFACT: When salmon are migrating across the ocean, they swim in schools to confuse predators. It is thought that by doing this they might be mistaken as being a big predator themselves!

Some smolts head to the rich feeding grounds near the Faroe Islands. Other smolts head thousands of miles across the sea to the sub arctic feeding grounds near Greenland.

After spending from one to four years at sea the salmon swim back to Scotland to the river in which they were born.

Special Areas of Conservation (SAC)

Salmon QuestionQUESTION:
Why do you think salmon travel far away for food?