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LNRs in the Fife area

Birnie and Gaddon Lochs
Near Collessie in Fife
The lochs provide an area for low impact recreational use including walking, bird watching, and picnics.

Coul Den
Landscaped ponds, willow arch and tree nursery.

Eden Estuary
Near St Andrews
It has long been recognised as an important wintering ground for wild duck, geese and waders.

Torry Bay
High Valleyfield
A large area of mud flats rich in wading and wintering birds.

Dalbeath Marsh
Cowdenbeath, Fife
An interesting wetland reserve, Dalbeath Marsh holds a wide variety of plants, including the greater butterfly orchid.

Open water, willow scrub and marshland which supports a range of birds and unusual wetland plants.

Gillingshill Reservoir
This site supports a wide range of breeding and over wintering birds.