New Booklet spotlights Barra Orchids
Issued: 11th October 2005

New Booklet spotlights Barra Orchids

The wild orchids of Barra is the subject of a new booklet published by Voluntary Action Barra and Vatersay (VABV) and funded by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH).

The twenty-page booklet is the product of many years of exploration and careful observation by the author, Dr James Robarts, who has been living on the Isle of Barra for a number of years. It was published by VABV which plays a central role in assessing community needs in Barra and Vatersay, assisting the development of new organisations and projects.

Botanical information about orchids is explained in the booklet, followed by a short description and photograph of each species to be found in Barra. There is a helpful illustration of the varied shapes and colours of the lips of the different species, and notes with photographs of several common hybrids.

Commenting on the publication, James Robarts said: "For those who appreciate wildflowers, Barra is a real paradise. There is one group of plants which has a special interest and that is the Orchid family. Of the twenty-eight species of wild-orchid native to Scotland, half of these may be found in Barra. For that reason, I thought it would be interesting to bring out a booklet detailing the various types of orchids that can be found on the island as well as giving visitors and locals a guide to help identify them."

Mary Harman, SNH's area officer based in South Uist said: "SNH are delighted to fund the production of such an interesting booklet, full of clear information and photographs of each particular orchid found on the island. It will be valuable to both Barra residents and visitors alike and help promote the beauty that the orchids in their different habitats bring to the island"

The Orchids of Barra Booklet is available from Voluntary Action Barra at 4.50 plus post and packaging.


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