The Scottish Wild Mushroom Code

The countryside is a working landscape. Please be aware of safety and follow the countryside and access codes. In accordance with these codes, and as a matter of courtesy, you are advised to ask for permission before you pick mushrooms.

By respecting the natural environment you can help to manage and conserve the countryside. When picking mushrooms for any purpose, please consider the following points:• wildlife, especially insects, need mushrooms too, so only pick what you will use. • do not pick mushrooms until the cap has opened out and leave those that are past their best. • the main part of the mushroom is below the surface, take care not to damage or trample it, and not to disturb its surroundings. • scatter trimmings discreetly in the same area as the mushrooms came from. • some mushrooms are poisonous and others rare and should not be picked - only pick what you know and take a field guide with you to identify mushrooms where you find them. • before you collect mushrooms at a nature reserve please always seek advice from the manager, as special conditions may apply.

If you own or manage land:• be aware that your management activities may affect mushrooms.

If you wish to run a foray or collect for scientific purposes remember to:• ensure the safety of your party, obtain permission in writing. • give a record of what you have found to the landowner or manager and explain the significance of your findings.

This code was created by the Scottish Wild Mushroom Forum, a group consisting of representatives of conservation organisations, landowners, public landowning bodies, mushroom buyers and mushroom pickers.

The creation of the Forum and the Code was funded by Scottish Natural Heritage, The Millennium Forest for Scotland Trust and Moray, Badenoch and Strathspey Enterprise.