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Annual Report 1998/99

Board Members' Interests

SNH maintains a register of Board Members' interests. An extract from the register is printed below, listing Members' employment, directorships and professions. For more detailed information, enquiries should be addressed to the Board Secretary, Scottish Natural Heritage, 12 Hope Terrace, Edinburgh EH9 2AS.

Scottish Natural Heritage Board

Magnus Magnusson

Professor Roger Wheater

Nan Burnett

Simon Fraser

Barbara Kelly

David Laird

Professor Fred T Last

Ivor Lewis

Dr Patricia Macdonald

Peter Mackay

Peter J Peacock

Professor Jeremy Rowan-Robinson

North Areas Board

Amanda Bryan

Dr Michael Foxley

Nigel Graham

Hugh Halcro-Johnston

Isobel Holbourn

Annie Macdonald

John Macdonald

James Hunter

Janet Price

Michael Scott

Dr K M Swanson

East Areas Board

Andrew Bradford

Ian Currie

Mrs Elizabeth M B Hay

William Howatson

Robert E T Kay

Jim McCarthy

Professor John McManus

Anthony Wilks

West Areas Board

Colin Carnie

Dr Jim Hansom

The Countess of Glasgow

Robin Malcolm

Dr Malcolm Ogilvie

Dr Phil Ratcliffe:

Richard Williamson

Dr R C Kirkwood

Scientific Advisory Committee

Professor Paul Racey

Professor John Davenport

Professor C H Gimingham

Professor T J Maxwell

Professor Brian Staines




Annual Report 1998-9

Chairman's Preface

Chief Executive's Overview

Performance Targets

1. Maintaining & Enhancing Diversity

2. Managing Special Natural Heritage Sites

3. Securing the Integrated Management of the Cairngorms & Loch Lomond & the Trossachs

4. Promoting Environmental Education

5. Improving Land & Freshwater Management

6. Encouraging the Sustainable Use of Maritime Areas

7. Facilitating Access & Recreation

8. Supporting Sustainable Development

9. Supporting the Central Scotland Forest Initiative

10. Delivering Special Nature Conservation Functions

11. Improving the Management of SNH

Financial Results

Summary Financial Statement

Section 29 Orders

Board Members

Board Members' Interests