Localities of Particular Interest

The Parallel Roads and associated landforms can be seen at many localities in Glen Roy, Glen Gloy and Glen Spean. Among the best are:

  1. the view of the Parallel Roads from the viewpoint on the public road in Glen Roy;
  2. the views of the alluvial fans at Brunnachan and Allt na Reinich from the public road in Glen Roy;
  3. the outwash fan in Glen Turret with lateral moraines along the north-east side of the glen;
  4. the river terraces in upper Glen Roy between Braeroy and Burn of Agie;
  5. the landslip at Braeroy;
  6. the deltas and end moraine and lateral moraines at Roughburn, near the Laggan dam;
  7. the delta with kettle holes at Fersit, near Loch Treig
  8. the river terraces between Roy Bridge and Spean Bridge;
  9. the lake deposits (silts ) at many localities by the roadside in Glen Roy.
  10. lateral moraines north of Laggan Dam