2.3 Attributes of coastal dunes

Coastal dunes have other important qualities and attributes beyond their role as a natural form of coast protection. These can briefly be summarised as follows:

Plate 11

Plate 11 Dune systems support distinctive plant communities. The calcareous soils of the machair, especially, encourage the growth of rich and diverse grasslands. N Uist.

Plate 12

Plate 12 Dune systems may be of conservation importance because of the exceptional landforms which they contain. Forvie.

Plate 13

Plate 13 Scotland’s golf links are renowned world-wide. Scarista, Harris.

Plate 14

Plate 14 Dunes are popular areas for informal recreation. St Cyrus.

These various attributes mean that different people and organisations have different perspectives on dune management. When contemplating management activities it is important to bear these views in mind.