6.1 Scottish regional information


(prepared by Dept. of Geography, University of Aberdeen, for the Countryside Commission for Scotland).

Figure 6.1

Figure 6.1 Location of regions covered by “The Beaches of Scotland Series (1969-1981)”

Map No. Report Title. The Beaches of... Authors Date
1 Sutherland Ritchie, W & Mather, AS 1969
2 Caithness Ritchie, W & Mather, AS 1970
3 Lewis & Harris Ritchie, W & Mather, AS 1970
4 Barra & the Uists Ritchie, W 1971
5 West Inverness-shire & North Argyll Mather, AS & Crofts, R 1971
6 Wester Ross Crofts, R & Mather, AS 1971
7 Mainland Argyll Crofts, R & Ritchie, W 1973
8 East Sutherland & Easter Ross Smith, JS and Mather, AS 1973
9 Orkney Mather, AS, Smith, JS & Ritchie, W 1973
10 Shetland Mather, AS & Smith, JS 1974
11 Islay, Jura & Colonsay Ritchie, W & Crofts, R 1973
12 Northern Inner Hebrides Mather, AS, Smith, JS & Ritchie, W 1974
13 Cowal Bute & Arran Ritchie, W 1974
14 North East Scotland Ritchie, W, Smith, JS & Rose, N 1978
15 Fife Ritchie, W 1979
16a South West Scotland Volume II (Solway Firth) Mather, AS 1979
16b South West Scotland Volume I (Firth of Clyde) Mather, AS 1979
17 Southeast Scotland Rose, N 1980
18 Tayside Wright, R 1981


Figure 6.2

Figure 6.2 Location of regions and areas covered by “Coastal Cells of Scotland” series and Shoreline Management Plans and analogous studies


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