Sanasan Gàidhlig – Gaidhlig Glossary


Ainm Gàidhlig Eadar-theangachadh
Gàidhlig Names Translation
Ballach Spotted, speckled
Bàn-aghaidheach White-faced
Bhrèagha Beautiful
Buidhe-sgiathach Yellow-winged
Ceithir-bhallach Four-spotted
Chaochlaideach Changeable, variable
Chinn a Deas From the south
Chinn a Tuath From the north
Chumanta Common
Cruinneig Cuileagan Damselflies
Cuilcean Reeds
Dhearg Bright red
Dearg-fhèitheach Bright red-veined
Dìollaideach Saddled
Dìreach Straight
Dubh Black
Gaoisideach Hairy
Gathair Darter
G(h)leansach Shiny
Ghrinn Elegant
Ìmpireil Imperial
Leathann Broad
Liath Grey or light blue
Mòintich Moor-land
Na(n) of the
Òigheag Maiden
Òrfhàinneach Golden-ringed
Ruadh Red-brown/ Russet
Ruagaire Chaser
Sanasan Glossary
Smàrag Emerald
Tarbh Nathrach Dragonfly (literally adder-bull)
Uachdarair Skimmer
Uaine Green
Umha-dhathte Metal-coloured

The “h” in Gaelic.

There are no words beginning with h in the Gaidhlig language, so why does it appear in certain words? The letter h is used, following certain grammatical rules, to indicate a softening or weakening of the consonant preceding it. This is called lenition. Lenition can either change sounds e.g. mh to a "v" sound, c to the ch in loch or in some cases silence the consonant completely. The h "appeared" in the 6th century, when the Roman alphabet was first adapted for writing in Gaelic/ Gaidhlig.