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subtitle - North East
Character Areas

 1. North Northumberland Coastal Plain
 2. Northumberland Sandstone Hills
 3. Cheviot Fringe
 4. Cheviots
 5. Border Moors and Forests
10. North Pennines
11. Tyne Gap and Hadrian's Wall
12. Mid Northumberland
13. South East Northumberland Coastal Plain
14. Tyne and Wear Lowlands
15. Durham Magnesian Limestone Plateau
16. Durham Coalfield Pennine Fringe
22. Pennine Dales Fringe
23. Tees Lowlands
25. North Yorkshire Moors and Cleveland Hills
link - Cheviot Fringe link - Cheviots link - Northumberland Sandstone Hills link - Border Moors and Forest lin - South East Northumberland Coastal Plan link - Tyne and Wear Lowlands link - Durham Coalfield Pennine Fringe link - Mid Northumberland link - North Northumberland Coastal Plain link - Durham Magnesian Limestone Plateau link - Tyne Gap and Hadrian's Wall link - Pennine Dales Fringe link - Tees Lowlands link - North Yorkshire Moors and Cleveland Hills graphic - Map of the North East

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